The Law And You

Patients often have legal problems that arise from, or are related to, medical matters. Below we indicate some typical areas where legal advice is often helpful if introduced sooner rather than later.

Nowadays solicitors tend to specialise in particular fields, and it is a good idea to find one who has the expertise you need. The Law Society is the governing body for solicitors, and for some types of work it has panels of solicitors whom it recognises as particularly expert in their field. It is worth asking any firm you approach whether they have a panel member.


You may have a right to compensation and financial help, whether injuries were incurred on the road, at work or elsewhere. “Injuries” is taken to include diseases like dermatitis or some lung conditions. Everyone is entitled to free initial advice under the Accident Linescheme and many solicitors will now take these cases under a "no win, no fee" arrangement.


If you are considering retiring or have an elderly relative, then a solicitor can often help with some of the worries you might be having and advise about State benefits too. Ask for one who is a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP).


A solicitor who is a member of the Solicitors Family Law Association can give expert, sympathetic advice. They should also be able to tell you about mediation, which is an alternative to actually seeking resolution through Court action.

Legal Aid may be available in some cases, through solicitors who have a Legal Aid franchise; the quality of the service they provide will have been checked and approved by the Government's Legal Services Commission.

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