Online Services

Registering for Patient Access 
In order to register, you need, first of all, to go to the EMIS Access website. Here you can set up your account up in a provisional status. You then should attend surgery with evidence of:

  • Your identity (e.g. a passport)
  • Your address (e.g. a utility bill)

We will then confirm your online access. The system links into the practice’s clinical system and allows you, once registered, to use any of the following services:

Book an appointment
You can book routine telephone triage appointments with a GP through the website. The doctor will discuss the problem with you and work out what to do next. You may want advice, or a prescription, or you may need to come in. The doctor will arrange an appointment with you if you need to be seen.

This service also allows you to review and cancel appointments that you have booked at the practice. 
Repeat prescriptions
Patients who receive regular prescriptions from the practice can request a repeat prescription from the practice by logging onto EMIS Access and selecting the drugs that are required. The Doctor then either accepts or declines the request and the patient is notified.

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